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Biscuit & Logan

First Litter

BISS RBIS GCH. Full Throttle's BIS-cuit Eater ! (Biscuit )


GCH. Full Throttle's Gen. J Logan (Logan)

This litter was very well thought out and planned.  We know these two will produce stunning Border Terriers.   Our hopes are very high for this litter.

 This litter was whelped august 20, 2013.
At this time all These Pups have been spoken for.

webassets/Pinkgirl5wks_7.JPG                        webassets/Blueboy5wks_4.JPG                        webassets/Gypsygirl5wks_4.JPG

Touche' Girl 5 wks old                      Smash Boy 5 wks old                   Gypsy Girl 5 wks old 

webassets/Pink_girl_6_wks.jpg                   webassets/Boy6weeksold.jpg                  webassets/Gypsy_6_weeks_old_.jpg

  Touche' 6 wks old Girl                      Smash 6 wks old Boy                   Gypsy 6 wks old Girl