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 GCH Full Throttle's I'd Wanna Be Me Too!
Watch this Fiesty daughter rise to the top in 2019
Envy gets an award of merit at Nationals 2019 
Dam: GCHS Full Throttle's Wee Drop Of Mischief O Kilcreggan
Sire: CH. Full Throttle's Sudden Impact At SnoFox!
Whelped: 6/24/2018


 CH Full Throttle's Rising Star!
Everything I thought she'd be and thensome!
Owned by Full Throttle
 Dam: CH Full Throttle's Rock Star! CGCA 
Sire: GCH Ranthorn Rally Cap 
Whelped: 3/21/19
 CH Full Throttle's Top This!   RATN
Watch this Fiesty daughter as she enters into motherhood 
Dam: GCHS Full Throttle's Wee Drop Of Mischief O Kilcreggan
Sire: GCH. Full Throttle's Serious BIS-Ness !
Whelped: 1/16/2017
Full Throttle's Quarantini !!!!
Pandemic Puppy
Watch this Bristle daughter as she starts shows August 2020
Dam: CH Full Throttle's Top This ! RATN
Sire: GCH. Full Throttle's To The Manor Born, BCAT CGCA CGCU TKI
Whelped: 2/28/2020
  CH Full Throttle's Skye's The Limit!
1st in 6 to 9 puppy at the National Specialty 
Co-owned With Leslie Forster
Dam: GCHS. Full Throttle's Wee Drop Of Mischief O'Kilgreggan RATN
Sire: Ch. Full Throttle's Tribute to Otley
Whelped: 8/8/2017


GCH Full Throttle's Absolute Shot Of Espresso!
Watch this girl excel as a special !
Co-Owned with Erin Burt & Todd Pierce
 Dam: RBIS GCH CH Full Throttle's BIS-Cuit Eater !
Sire: CH Xapex El Dorado
Whelped: 2/9/16


 CH Full Throttle's Another Wicked Time!
Maze & Shelby a dynamic team in 2020!
Maze earned her CH in 2 Weekends!
Co-Owned with Shelby Quarnberg
 Dam: CH Full Throttle's Wicked Clever!
Sire: GCH Full Throttle's Justin Time
Whelped: 12/28/18


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CGCH Full Throttle's  To The Manor Born ! BCat,CGC, CGCA, CGCU
Expertly Handled by Tania Rogers 
Dam: GCHS Full Throttle's  Wee Drop Of Mischief O'Kilcreggan ! RATN
Sire: Ch. Full Throttle's Sudden Impact at SnoFox !
Co-Owned with Tania Rogers
Whelped 6/24/2018
CH Full Throttle's Drill Baby Drill  !
Finished his Championship at 1 year old !
Expertly Handled by Owner Bailee Rodgers
Dam: GCH Full Throttle's Seh Made Her Point ! RATN, RATO
Sire: GCHG Enchanted Pay Up Sucker
Co-Owned with Bailee Rogers
Whelped 7/1/2018
Standing At Stud
CH Full Throttle's I'll Take The High Road !
Finished His Championship at 9 months of age !
Expertly Handled by Denise Chaboya Matulich 
Dam: CH Full Throttle's  Wicked Clever !
Sire: GCh. Full Throttle's Serious BIS-Ness !
Co-Owned with Cindy Harwin & Ashleigh Coffen & Family
Whelped: 12/6/2017


Standing at Stud
CH. Full Throttle's Sudden Impact At Snofox!
Watch for Smash babies in the ring !!
Dam: RBIS GCh. Full Throttle's BIS-cuit Eater !
Sire: GCh. Otley Gen. J Logan
Bred by: Full Throttle ///Owned by: Michelle & Ken Baur
Whelped: 8/20/2013


 Standing at stud
CH Full Throttle's Wicked HighRoller !
Very Narrow and racey with great headpiece !
Owned by Michelle & Ken Baur
Dam: GCHS Full Throttle's Wee Drop Of Mischief O' Kilcreggan !
Sire: GCH McHill's HRH Prince Gizmo House Of Gremlin
Whelped: 11/25/15


 Full Throttle's 'N Snofox"s Outwit Outplay Outfox  !
The Skyes The Limit For This Boy !
Owned by Michelle & Ken Baur
Dam: CH Full Throttle's Top This !
Sire: CH Full Throttle's Wicked HighRoller !
Whelped: 7/6/19


Full Throttle's Burnt Toast !
Check Burt & Dana in Portland 2020 !
Co-Owned Dana & Olivia De La Torre
Dam: CH Full Throttle's Top This !
Sire: CH Full Throttle's Wicked Highroller!
Whelped: 7/6/19