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   Full Throttle's Loch Gelly !
This Tipsy daughter is a looker!
Watch for her at 2023 Nationals
Dam: CH Full Throttle's Quarantini!
Sire: CH Full Throttle's Five O'Clock Shadow !
Whelped: 5/16/2022
  GCH Full Throttle's Jersey Rizzo !
This ENVY daughter has it all!
Watch for her at 2022 Nationals
Dam: GCHB Full Throttle'sI'd Wanna Be Me Too!
Sire: Full Throttle's Five O'Clock Shadow !
Whelped: 4/15/2021
 GCHB Full Throttle's I'd Wanna Be Me Too!
Watch this Fiesty daughter rise to the top in 2019
Envy gets an award of merit at Nationals 2019 
Dam: GCHS Full Throttle's Wee Drop Of Mischief O Kilcreggan
Sire: CH. Full Throttle's Sudden Impact At SnoFox!
Whelped: 6/24/2018
  CH Full Throttle's APiper's Cadence To Briarkeep ! CGC
Watch this ENVY daughter rise to the top in 2022
4TH in her 2 to 9 class of 20 at 2021 Nationals
Dam: GCHB Full Throttle'sI'd Wanna Be Me Too!
Sire: GCH Sparravohn Cadence !
Whelped: 9/16/2020


 GCH Full Throttle's Rising Star!
Everything I thought she'd be and thensome!
Owned by Full Throttle
 Dam: CH Full Throttle's Rock Star! CGCA 
Sire: GCH Ranthorn Rally Cap 
Whelped: 3/21/19
CH Full Throttle's Quarantini !!!!
Pandemic Puppy
Watch this Bristle daughter as she starts shows August 2020
Dam: CH Full Throttle's Top This ! RATN
Sire: GCH. Full Throttle's To The Manor Born, BCAT CGCA CGCU TKI
Whelped: 2/28/2020


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GCH Full Throttle's  To The Manor Born ! BCat,CGC, CGCA, CGCU, TKI
Expertly Handled by Tania Rogers 
Dam: GCHS Full Throttle's  Wee Drop Of Mischief O'Kilcreggan ! RATN
Sire: Ch. Full Throttle's Sudden Impact at SnoFox !
Co-Owned with Tania Rogers
Whelped 6/24/2018
 Full Throttle's Bullet Hit The Mark !
1st if 6 to 9 puppy dog 2021 NATIONALS !
Expertly Handled by Jillian Thornton
Dam: GCHB Full Throttle's I'd Wanna Be Me Too!
Sire: GCh Sparravohn Cadence
Whelped 9/16/2020
 CH Full Throttle's Five O'Clock Shadow ! CGC
Watch this up and comer in 2022
Handled by Owner Karen & Darcy
Dam: GCH Full Throttle's Skyes The Limit !
Sire: GCHB Wooly Bully's Jax B Nimble N Quik OA,NAJ,NA,JE,SE,BN,RN
Whelped 11/11/2019
Standing At Stud
CH Full Throttle's I'll Take The High Road !
Finished His Championship at 9 months of age !
Expertly Handled by Denise Chaboya Matulich 
Dam: CH Full Throttle's  Wicked Clever !
Sire: GCh. Full Throttle's Serious BIS-Ness !
Co-Owned with Cindy Harwin & Ashleigh Coffen & Family
Whelped: 12/6/2017