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CH Full Throttle's Wicked Highroller ! "Wager"


Whelped: 11/25/2015

Dam: GCH CH Full Throttle's Wee Drop Of Mischief O Kilcreggan!

Sire: GCH McHill's HRH Prince Gizmo of Gremlin 

Bred  by: Full Throttle Terriers

 Owned By: Michelle & Ken Baur

CERF: Pending
Cardiac:BRT-CAPreliminary normal
Hips: Test date Apr 28 2017 PRELIMINARY GOOD
Patella: BRT-PA1872/17M/P-VPI
SLEM: Clear

Wage Winners Dog and New Chanpion handled by Owner Michelle Baur 


Wager winning winners dog being handled by Owner Ken Baur  

We strive to be sure our puppies are sold to loving, committed homes. As much as possible we attempt to evaluate each puppy's personality by observing them during their development. This allows us to offer you the puppy that will best fit your situation and needs.
In an effort to ensure that our puppies are going to receive the love and care they will require throughout their lives, we ask all potential buyers to complete this questionnaire.
If you wish to apply for our puppy list you must complete and return the questionnaire to us.We sell our Border Terrier Puppies for $2,800.00.  We only ask for a deposit at the time we have a puppy for you.
We sell our companion puppies on a mandatory spay or neuter contract.
Please complete the following information.

Companion/Pet Contract Sample

How did you find us?

Have you have ever given a pet away, turned one into a pound, a shelter or a rescue club? Please explain your reasons for any or all

Have you ever had to euthanize an animal and if so please explain why below.

If you have children, how much involvement will they have with the raising, care and training of this dog and in what manner will they be involved? Please list the number of children and their ages.

Do you intend to spay or neuter this animal?
Not sure

Please indicate below which qualities you would like in your dog.
(Check all that apply).
Fast Learner
Quiet Company
Laid Back
High Energy

How many hours per day will your puppy be home alone?

What arrangements have you made to let the puppy out during the day, if you are at work?

Where will your dog sleep?

Do you have a fenced yard, invisible fencing, chain link kennel or run or no fencing at all? (check all that apply)
fenced yard
invisible fencing
kennel run
No fence or kennel
chained outside
I will install fence

If you do not have any kind of fencing, how will you provide security for your puppy when its outside or when you're away?

Are there other pets in your home? If so how many and what kind?

When are you looking to purchase a dog/puppy?
Within the next 6 months
Within a year
I'm willing to wait for the right dog

Please indicate which of the following describes why you are purchasing this dog. (Check all that apply).
Pet / Companion
Breeding Prospect
Show Dog

What reason do you want a Border Terrier ?

Which would you prefer? Male, Female, either?
Either would be fine

What age of puppy/dog are you willing to consider?   (Check all that apply)

Older puppy / young dog
Adult dog
Retired Champion

Are you willing to return the dog to Full Throttle (for re-homing), if for any reason you are unable to continue to care for it?

Companion puppies are sold on an AKC Limited Registration and Spay/Neuter contract.

Do you understand and agree with this? About AKC Limited Registration


If you would like Full Throttle Terriers to contact you?
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